Floating seismic module

Floating seismic module

    Floating seismic module


Marine seismic (1C-hydrophone, autonomous, floating Arctic seismic modules). Designed for seismic surveys in areas of ice. The module was tested in 2010 and 2011.

Technical characteristics of Floating Seismic Module:


Parameter point

number of seismic channels 1 (Hydrophone)
hydrophone sensibility V\dyne\cm2 10
time synchronization frequency with GPS, Hz
1 Hz
frequency range (hydrophone), Hz
data sampling period, ms 2
dynamic range, dB 120
ADC resolution, bits 24
floating module weight (without counterpoise), not more than, kg 5
operational temperature range,
from -30 to 40
autonomous operation duration, no less than, hours 15
data transfer distance up to, km 25
hydrophone embedding, no less than, m 20
seismic record type
radio channel frequency, MHz 920
number of simultaneously registered modules, up to, pcs
Structure of Floating Seismic Module:

Structure of Floating Seismic Module


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